Viruses – Fear, COVID-19, et al

Every practitioner of the healing arts is offering up their favorite tips and guidance, to “combat” this most recent Coronavirus epidemic that is taking the world by storm, and crashing the economy. I have been thinking that I should do the same, offer up my knowledge to save the world, to be one up against this latest virus, to beat death to the door. That’s the biggest fear, isn’t it? Of dying, getting obliterated from this earth, second only to pain and getting hurt. And, there is always some impending catastrophe that seems to be hanging in the air over our heads. I thought I’d offer up my reflections instead. But, before I got down to expressing any of it on my blog, this beautiful piece of writing showed up in my inbox, by none other than famous homeopath Roland Guenther, on Being Seen. Please read it. Just perfect.

In it, Roland writes, The remedy for fear is not courage. The remedy for fear is connection, it is not being alone in fear. YES. It’s the best and perhaps the only way to deal with the psychic virus of fear… this dis-ease of fear that is so contagious and virile that it completely takes over the infected person’s mind… and eventually, is capable of destroying love and generating hate quite easily. With that, it leads one further away from connection, the very remedy to defeat the virus of fear. The funny thing is, I believe, that all viruses need to be dealt with this sort of strategy, in order to develop the proper immunity to them… all of them.

So, my recommendations are a little bit different than the norm, perhaps. The first and foremost thing is to connect with your fear, in meditation, or by expressing it to a trusted person, and seeking the help of a trusted practitioner. Acknowledge, and see the fear, put it out on the table… even play out in your imagination the worst things that might happen. When you do that, the charge around it actually goes away, the adversarial situation does not seem as formidable any more. The Covid-19 is the same. Sometimes viruses bring up things in our consciousness that just need to be seen. Perhaps the hygiene isn’t good enough, perhaps there is a lot of pollution, perhaps the foods consumed… or simply a thought needs to change. It gives you an opportunity to take a pause from whatever you do daily, and have a look inward to revisit the essentials of your life. If you see it for what it is, it brings in an understanding, and it is not threatening any more. A pandemic does not have to lead to pandemonium. EVERY single thing in this cosmos has a higher vibration and a lower vibration. You can choose to stay and ride on the higher vibrations, like a surfer, and expertly navigate the waves of life and nature, instead of succumbing to it’s depths. Even if you go under, experience it, and look for the connections to bring you back up again. It takes practice, I will admit. And, it takes community to support the practice.

So, we are back to connection and community. Connection fosters love, and that makes us feel safe. Having a trusted homeopath in your corner can be invaluable in sorting out and nurturing those connections, and to help build your community. Well-matched remedies work on the individual’s energetic blueprints, that help eradicate, or as I prefer to say integrate, all viruses that come our way… whether it be a fear, or a coronavirus… thus building immunity, bit by bit. Try it.

Meanwhile, my top 3 practical things to do :
– Eat more fruits and vegetables, and home-made meals as much as possible.
– Wash your hands at reasonable times during your work or school day, especially before eating or preparing meals following the 20 second rule. Soap and water is best.
– Refrain from using aspirin, acetaminophen, tylenol or ibuprofen to suppress fever. It compromises the proper functioning of the immune system, and can prolong or worsen symptoms, and delay diagnosis and care.

Exercising daily (outside in fresh air is better), and getting a good night’s sleep are also great habits to have in general and help boost immunity.

Last, but, not the least, book an acute session to discuss the best prophylaxis for your unique situation, if you are overly concerned. I’m in this with you. We are all in it together.

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