Remedy Reactions, and how to support them

Homeopathic remedy reactions – clients often want to know whether there are going to be side-effects from the remedy.  What will a remedy do?  And, what does this or that reaction to a remedy mean?  Confusion about a remedy reaction is understandable since they are vastly different than reactions to conventional drugs.  The key thing to remember is that a good remedy triggers a curative (healing) response by the body itself — it does not force a suppression of the symptoms of a disease.  The remedy just provides a stimulus, the body is inspired to do whatever it needs to fix itself.

A homeopathic remedy does not produce chemical side-effects like conventional drugs.  But, it does produce reactions, otherwise how would you know whether it is doing anything?  To a homeopath, remedy reactions represent the response of the vital force to the information received in the form of the energetic pattern of the substance in the remedy.  He or she understands the meaning and significance of these reactions in a much more profound way than conventional doctors do.  As I often tell my clients – when I suggest the first remedy and you take it, I start a conversation with your vital force.  It responds back with reactions in the form of changing symptoms, guiding me, giving me insight.  It speaks loud and clear.  Even if there is NO reaction, it is still telling me something.   The art of making good remedy suggestions is in understanding this voice of the vital force and and identifying its greatest complaint.

Broadly speaking, reactions from a good remedy can be of three types – 1) Aggravation of the existing symptoms.  2) Return of Old symptoms.  3) New symptoms.  There is also another remedy reaction that I see very often that I want to mention here, 4) Cleansing Response, where the vital force decides to get rid of some toxins, and boost the immune system in the process.  These are usually quick and short lasting, and dissipate in a few days,and usually follows with a more vibrant state of health.  Fevers, colds, diarrhea, skin rashes, emotional outbursts such as crying or anger, etc.  Some of these take the form of an acute disease such as a viral or bacterial infection.  It is important to understand these for what they are, and not be quick to initiate a suppressive treatment for these acute symptoms.  Of course, you can definitely take some steps to keep yourself comfortable, and support the organs while the body completes this important healing step.  Below are suggestions of what to do for some common scenarios, that actually apply to any acute disease state.  The best possible scenario, of course, is 5) where symptoms simply ameliorate without a fuss, and I usually see this happening more consistently in the younger age group, with a great diet, and who have not received suppressive treatments in the past.

How to support uncomfortable remedy reactions, including acute reactions:

In case of 1) and 2) above, usually you need to do nothing, and just ride it out.  If there is an exacerbation of existing symptoms, it is usually short lived, and things should get back to normal within a short period of time.  In the case of 3) where new symptoms show up, that usually indicates that the body needs the support of another remedy to process its healing.  It’s still good to wait and watch, and report these symptoms at the follow-up.  If any symptom becomes unmanageable, an intervention may be needed before the scheduled follow up, which can be arranged.  The art is in interpreting the symptoms that come up following a remedy, these are clues that the vital force gives us to show in what way it needs our help and support.

For the case of 4) when acute symptoms develop following a remedy, my go to for these remedy reactions are CELL SALTS, GEMMOTHERAPY extracts, or sometimes low potency homeopathic organ supports or an individually selected remedy based on the presenting acute symptoms, if all the other stuff does not push it through.  Some cell salts to keep on hand are –

Ferr Phos 6x + Calc Phos 6x – Fevers
Kali Mur 6x – Colds with clear to white dicharge
Kali Sulph 6x – Also, colds, but if the discharge has turned yellow
Nat Phos 6x – For digestive disorders
Nat Sulph 6x – Generally for liver, lung and kidney support.
Kali Phos 6x – Nerve tonic, helpful for calming.

Cell salts are available in Vitamin Shoppe, and other local natural health food stores, or online at 1800homeopathy.  Also found online at Amazon, and

A very useful cell salt handbook that I recommend to parents with young children is the – Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies: Healing with Nature’s Twelve Mineral Compounds – Lennon and Rolfe

If you have to keep just one Gemmotherapy tincture in your natural medicine cabinet, then I’d suggest that to be Black Currant (Ribes Nigrum).  Great for any acute.  I usually keep a few of these in my office, but they can be found online as well (check the bottom of my Gemmotherapy page for resources).  A very useful gemmotherapy handbook for acute care is – GEMMOTHERAPY FOR EVERYONE: AN INTRODUCTION TO ACUTE CARE by Lauren Hubele.