Interpersonal Growth and Healing

The Healing Archetypes of Inspiring Homeopathy offers a unique opportunity for  both individual and  interpersonal healing.  InspiringHomeopathyNew

Dr. Tinus Smits system is built upon seven universal archetypes reflecting the entire developmental lifespan of a human being.

The Seven Healing Archetypes include:

  • Incarnating fully, accepting our human form and nature
  • Having clear, strong boundaries
  • Developing our unique identity and gifts to share in the world
  • Loving oneself to be able to give and receive love openly
  • Rising above victimization and finding our courageous voice
  • Mastering the polarities of everyday life to integrate the unity in opposites
  • Maintaining wholeness of our unique self within our interconnected world

Lac Maternum: Healing with mother’s milk

“A mother’s nurturing love arouses in children, from their earliest days on earth, an awakening of the memories of love and goodness they experience in their premortal existence, Because our mothers love us, we learn, or more accurately remember, that God also loves us” – ― M. Russell Ballard

Vernix: Developing boundaries

Carcinosin cum Cuprum: Cancer, Copper, Confidence, Clarity

She became aware that it was not all her fault and she said: “ I don’t want to have all this on my plate anymore. I am taking this bag from my shoulders. I feel that I am important also. I know all this. But it has now become conscious”
-Tinus Smits, Case 3 Inspiring Homeopathy.

Saccharum Officinale: Self-Love

The archetypal situation of the Saccharum person is a desperate search for love, affection and attention.  This comes from a lack of self-love with a fear of being abandoned by the mother because of a fear of not deserving her love.

Rhus Tox: Trauma and Victimization

Health has to be considered not as a stable state but dynamic state. Loss of balance is an invitation to resolve deeper underlying problems and to grow in consciousness to a deeper understanding of the purpose of life and to attain a higher energetic level.  Therefore, the purpose of therapy is no longer to obtain a stable healthy state, but to engage in a process of growth on the physical, emotional mental and spiritual level.          -Tinus Smits, MD

Anacardium: Bringing disconnection together

Shame is the fear of disconnection. We are psychologically, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually hardwired for connection, love, and belonging. ….It’s the fear that something that we’ve done or failed to do, an ideal that we’ve not lived up to, or a goal that we have not lived up to, makes us unworthy of connection. I’m not good enough for love, belonging or connection
–Brene Brown


If all you desired is what your soul desired, everything would be very simple. If you listened to the part of you which is pure spirit, all of your decisions would be easy and all the outcomes joyous.