Elimination is the keyword.  Drainage.  Cleaning the body gently and thoroughly by supporting the kidneys and the adrenals.  Regenerative organ support.  Should be combined with the diet to be more effective.

Gemmotherapy is a form of phytoembryotherapy that uses extracts derived from the buds and young shoots of trees and shrubs rather than the flowers, leaves or roots or whole plant used in herbal medicine.

What is significant and unique about this is that gemmotherapy extracts contain developing, embryonic plant material (the meristems), whereas herbal remedies contain the developed, adult parts of the plant. As a result, the biochemicals they contain are often quite different.Ribes-nigrum-5-124x300

Gemmotherapy literally means ‘bud therapy’. Gemma is the Latin word for ‘bud’. Another meaning of gemma in Latin was ‘gem’ or ‘precious stone’.

NB: gemmotherapy has no connection with crystal healing or gem therapy. But this shows that the Ancient Romans saw a similarity between buds and crystals – which is actually quite an interesting concept. If you look closely at buds, you can see that they do in some way resemble gem stones.

What is it used for?

Gemmo remedies have a wide range of therapeutic applications.  The emphasis is on organ drainage, specifically through their effect on the emunctory organs (primary elimination).  For example, they are used:

  • in complex, de-compensated, medicated cases
  • for organ and organ-system support
  • seasonally, eg as a ‘Spring clean’ or for example at different stages of life, such as before pregnancy or during menopause or andropause
  • in self-care treatments in a family situation for common ailments, again on straightforward indications
  • to clear up lingering symptoms after other treatments

In a clinical situation, gemmotherapy is usually used adjunctively or alongside other treatments such as homeopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture or in naturopathic protocols. But this is not always so, and sometimes the remedies can be used by themselves and may be all that is needed in a case.

Perhaps because the remedies are given in material doses over a longer period of time, gemmotherapy is a very adaptable and flexible therapy. When used together with other treatments, it is often synergistic with them, boosting their effect.

Since it can provide cells both nutrition and cleaning simultaneously, it provides wonderful support for acute infections and illness leaving the affected organs clean and fortified at the end of the episode and subsequent convalescence making it an unsurpassed addition to the home medicine cabinet.

Who can use it?

It can be used by anyone – newborns to the elderly.  For pregnant women, infants and very young children, it is best used under the guidance of a qualified practitioner, even for simple ailments.

Where to get them?

I usually recommend and use the following brand –


Gemmotherapy For Everyone , Building Immunity in Babies and Young Children – Lauren Hubele
Gemmotherapy for Everyone, An Introduction to Acute care – Lauren Hubele
Phytembryotherapy, The Embryo of Gemmotherapy – Dr. Franck Ledoux, Gérard Guéniot.
Dynamic Gemmotherapy – Dr. Joe Rozencwajg, NMD

Online Resource:

My dear friend and colleague, Lauren Hubele, has a wonderful assortment of recordings and tutorials on her website for anyone who wishes to begin or advance the study of Gemmotherapy –