“It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has” – Hippocrates (460-377 BC)

Homeopathy doesn’t “treat” an illness; it seeks to understand and address the entire person as a matter of wholeness that is far from a medical process.  My focus as a homeopathic practitioner is on you, the client, as I seek to discover how the dis-ease is specifically affecting your life.  Effectively I work beyond the “label” of the disease and inquire about the your lifestyle, medical history and family well-being as well as the presenting symptoms.

The initial consultation typically lasts for approx. 90 minutes, and it is an opportunity for you to discuss your physical, emotional, or mental challenges.

After the initial consultation, follow-ups are conducted on an as-needed basis, usually 6-12 weeks apart.  A typical follow up appointment lasts for approx. 45 – 60 minutes.


Initial homeopathic consultation (1.5 hours)                           $295  ($250 for children < 2 years)
Follow up homeopathic consultation (45-60 minutes)          $90 – $110
Acute consultation, existing clients (15 minutes)                    $40 (please note that email exchanges asking for a remedy also count as a consult)
Gemmotherapy/Biochemic consultation (45 minutes)          $125  (included in a regular homeopathic consultation)
Homeoprophylaxis (HP) (45 minutes initial + ongoing)       Full program (w/kit and booklet) is $345 for one child or $445 for 2-4 children in the same family
Travel HP (30-45 minutes)                
                                          $90 (remedies ordered separately from the pharmacy)

The fees include the suggested doses of most homeopathic remedies, and brief check-in calls/emails to track response in between follow-ups.  Any additional supplements (gemmotherapy tinctures, biochemic tissue/cell salts, flower essences) are to be obtained separately by the client, online or from health food stores, or obtained from me.

If you are experiencing financial difficulty, I offer a sliding fee scale.  Please discuss with me to arrange something mutually workable.

General Policies Regarding Fees, Payment, and Scheduling:

Payment: The client is responsible for payment of all fees at time of service, or within 24 hours if paying online.  Payment may be made with cash or check. Credit cards are accepted via an online credit card processing service such as Paypal.  A fee will be charged for any check returned unpaid.

Interim Support: For scheduling, brief check-ins and acute complaints, please call or email. There is no charge for such communication and are intended to be brief and able to be taken care of in 5 minutes or less; if an acute appointment (usually 15 minutes) is required, it can often be scheduled later that day or conducted via email.

Long Distance Consultations – Off-Site Consultation: Clients who live outside of the Boston area can schedule consultation by telephone or web audio-video conference using Skype.