CEASE & Autism

CEASE therapy was developed by Dutch physician Tinus Smits who was looking for a way to help children with autism. CEASE stands for Complete Elimination Autism Spectrum Expression and Dr. Smits helped well over 300 children with Autism prior to his death in 2010. While his method was originally designed for children with autism, Dr. Smits and those that he trained have experienced success healing a number of conditions including MS, Chronic Fatigue, allergies, ear infections, hyperactivity, and detoxification.

If you are interested in learning more, see  http://www.cease-therapy.com/

Jerry Kantor, author of Autism Reversal Toolbox, and I work together as a joint team on all ASD cases that come to each of our practices.  For consultations regarding Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), please call my office for details.

Homeopathy for Autism FAQs – by Fran Sheffield, homeopath in Australia.